Daniel Gebler

Reinventing Agile – When Machine Learning meets Software Engineering

Many software developers are learning data science to analyze their customers’ data. What a growing number are realizing is that they can use those same techniques to answer their own questions.

In this keynote we will show how machine learning will change fundamentally the way we build software. While agile methodologies center around the idea of applying human process intelligence using static tools to promote reactive adaptability, the newly arising ML augmented agile methodology applies artificial intelligence to agile processes and tools. This creates the agile x data flywheel where code and data blend and converge to a singularity.

We will give a series of examples together with the underlying technical foundation that shows how start-ups, scale-ups and late stage tech companies can use this new development method to unlock accelerated prototyping, assisted engineering, automatic analysis and error handling. We will close this talk by giving 3 scenarios how software engineering in 2025 may look like based on the adoption of this new method.

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