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The increase and acceleration of digitalization brings new cyber threats to our world. Continuous investment in technology is key to keeping up with this acceleration, especially now that large numbers of employees are working remotely, and the threat of cybercrime is ever more present.

Cybersec Netherlands 2024 focusses on the technical, business and human aspects in cybersecurity. We follow the trends in cybersecurity with a focus on the business aspects and aim to enhance cyber resilience through the sharing of knowledge. Furthermore, we believe that this event will support Europe in becoming a more secure cyberspace because governments, institutions and businesses can network, share knowledge and get inspired to join forces.

Who are the visitors of Cybersec?

Visitors at Cybersec Netherlands are IT professionals and can be divided in the following groups:

Leaders & Decision Makers
C-Suite | IT director | Head IT | Head Digital transformation | CISO | CIO | CDO | Owners

IT Manager | Network Manager | Solutions Architect | Enterprise Architect | Business Analyst | Information Security

Makers / Techies
Cyber Security | Data Scientist | DevOps Lead | Software Developer | Network Engineer | ICT Architect | Consultant

Supplier | Distributor | Reseller | Integrator | Consultant

Impression of previous events

Cybersec Europe has consistently showcased a stellar lineup of keynote speakers in previous years, featuring experts like Mikko Hypponen, Nina Schick and Inti De Ceukelaire. Building on this success, Cybersec Netherlands delivers an equal impressive roster of keynote speakers like Don Eijndhoven, Jaya Baloo, and Dave Maasland, ensuring attendees receive insights, thought leadership, and inspiration to navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersec Netherlands 2023

Cybersec Europe 2024

Cybersec Europe 2023

Cybersec Netherlands | 1 – 2 November, 2024 | Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

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