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After the success of Cybersec Netherlands 2023, immerse yourself in the future of cybersecurity again at Cybersec Netherlands 2024! Following last year’s successful event, we are excited to bring you more expert insights, cutting-edge solutions, and networking opportunities. Join other cybersecurity professionals, business leaders, and tech enthusiasts to discover the latest trends and connect with industry leaders. Interested in learning about the experiences of last edition’s visitors & exhibitors? Read on to find out more.

ESET at Cybersec Netherlands

Dave Maasland, CEO at ESET Netherlands, talks about the advantages of participating in Cybersec Netherlands: “It’s our responsibility as security community to work together, but also to enable us to work together.”

Dave explains why he believes it’s so important to take part in exhibitions like Cybersec Netherlands. The biggest advantages are the opportunities to achieve multiple goals at the event. Transfer your knowledge to fellow cybersecurity experts and show your whole self as a company:  “We can only solve challenges by meeting other people.”

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Vade at Cybersec Netherlands

Monica Naida, Account Manager at Vade, shares her experience as an exhibitor at Cybersec Netherlands: “The importance of being an exhibitors at Cybersec is to really meet people, make those new business partners. But also to get our brand awareness out there and show people what Vade can do.”

As a French cybersecurity vendor specializing in email security and a first-time exhibitor, Vade is eager to explore new technologies and network with international companies. Monica adds: “discover what’s out there in the cybersecurity world.”

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Barracuda at Cybersec Netherlands

Alain Luxembourg, Vice President at Barracuda, explains why he is so excited to be at Cybersec Netherlands: “Events like Cybersec are extremely important to share knowledge with our customers, partners and vendors.”

Alain also talks about the benefits of being an exhibitor at Cybersec Netherlands. Customers visit Barracuda at the event and share their experiences. They can also attract new customers to the company. “Share your knowledge and share your concerns,” he says, emphasizing the importance of collaboration: “We need to enable each other to build a safer world.”

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